Chester First Aid Squad

100 North Road

P.O. Box 337

Chester, New Jersey 07930

Non-Emergency: (908) 879-5560

Fax: (908) 879-0217


Emergency? Call 9-1-1

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For those that are interested in a start in the medical field or helping their community, the Chester First Aid Squad can be a great jumping off point. We have several past members who are now paramedics, nurses and doctors:


Associate: These are members who do not participate in the response of emergency calls, but rather provide behind the scenes support, either helping to maintain the building and grounds, or providing administrative support to the organization.

Driver: These members are trained in ambulance operations and maneuvers as well as CPR. Although their primary role is to drive, they also assist the EMT’s with lifting and moving patients as needed.
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): These members complete an intensive New Jersey EMT-Basic course and their primary role is to respond to emergency calls and render care. NJ OEMS recently increased the hours of the course to approximately 220.
Flex Time Member: A member of another public safety organization who is also a member in an assisting capacity.  Since CFAS is not their primary agency, they are not required to run duty calls, and are bound by different rules regarding participation and training.




Approved training for operational members is provided at no cost, through the NJ State EMT Training Fund and the squads own training funds. We simply ask for a minimum two year commitment.





Clearly, the single most important benefit to membership is the feeling of satisfaction you get, knowing you have helped someone on what may be the worst day of their life.



"Oh you're an EMT, that's cool. I wanted to do that when I was a kid. What do you make?" 

"What do I make? I make holding your hand seem like
the biggest thing in the world when you’re being cut out of a twisted car in
the middle of the night. I make those annoying sirens sound like angels coming
when you’re watching your loved one suffer. I make your child breathe when they
stop. I make surviving a heart attack more likely. I make my way to your house
in the worst weather imaginable when you call for help. I make myself get out
of bed at 3am and risk my life to save people I have never met. Today I might
make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life. I make a difference. What do you


Other benefits include tuition reimbursement at a county college, county vocational school or county technical institute, full workers compensation and liability insurance, and LOSAP (length of service awards program) which provides a certain amount of money per year deposited in a tax deferred income account for each member who earns the required number of points.

You can find more about tuition reimbursement by clicking this link.

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