Meet the Officers

President Russi Champi with daughter Deputy Chief Cris Champi

VP Deb Johnston and her son, Chief Jason Dilley

Treasurer, Mary Robinson

Sergeant Eric Kaleda and Corresponding Secretary JoAnne Kruse

Recording Secretary Kathleen Rietzl and Lieutenant Peggy Ryan

Administrative Officers are responsible for the business aspect of the squad including facilitating meetings and maintaining finances. The Administrative Officers are effective January 1st, 2018:

PRESIDENT: Russi Champi VICE-PRESIDENT: Deb Johnston TREASURER: Mary Robinson RECORDING SECRETARY: Kathleen Rietzel

Line Officers are responsible for managing all emergency responses and the overall operational function of the squad. The chain of command is as follows, effective January 1st, 2017:

CHIEF: Jason Dilley DEPUTY CHIEF: Cris Champi SERGEANT: Eric Kaleda LIEUTENANT:Peggy Ryan

The following positions are appointed by the Chief to help support the operational needs of the squad:

QUARTERMASTER: Sam Rosenfeld. The Quartermasters are responsible for purchasing and maintaining an inventory of medical equipment and building supplies.

CHIEF ENGINEER: Mike Renzetti. The Chief Engineer is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of all squad vehicles.

TRAINING OFFICER: Position Currently Open. The Training Officer conducts training sessions including drills and classroom training. They are also responsible for tracking members' compliance with training and certification requirements.

Crew Team Leaders for 2018 are as follows:

Eric Kaleda, Dana Champi-Kitts, JoAnne Kruse, Sam Rosenfeld, Peggy Ryan, and Evelyn Urgiles